Snappy Introduction
Development Path
Share Achievements

● National high-tech enterprise       

● National specialized and new "little giant" enterprise

● Zhejiang Province innovative demonstration small and medium-size enterprise

● Zhejiang Province "invisible champion" cultivation enterprise

● Zhejiang Export Famous brand  

● Zhejiang Provincial Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise

● Zhejiang famous brand products

● Ningbo high growth enterprises

● Ningbo "top 500 heroes per mu”

● Top 100 competitive enterprises in Ningbo (2016-2022) the first batch of manufacturing single champion cultivation enterprises in Ningbo
● Ningbo Patent Demonstration Enterprise



● Ningbo Engineering Technology Center 

● The credit rating of small and medium-sized enterprises in Ningbo is AAA

● Ningbo credit management demonstration enterprise

● The fourth batch of manufacturing individual champion cultivation enterprises in Ningbo

● Ningbo quality products

● Ningbo National High-tech Zone invention patent industrialization

● Ningbo high tech Zone advantageous Growth Enterprise

● Approved by Ningbo High-tech Zone Engineering Technology Center

● Ningbo high tech Zone Enterprise Research Institute

● Ningbo High-tech Zone innovation demonstration enterprise

● Ningbo High-tech Zone high growth enterprises