Snappy Introduction
Development Path
Brand Positioning

We always invest on the product R&D,technology upgrade and new product lauch,wins good feedback from the market,and always keep us in the leading role in this field.

Super Slim

Super slim --Now the most slim LED driver thickness is only 10mm,and maximum power is up to 200W.It brings cabinet and furniture lighting more possibility.


Linear--  the most maximum power linear products in the world,maximum power is up to 240W,we are only one who achieve this in the world.In the high quality lighting box field,we subvert the original heavy and clumsy design and brings more possibility on lighting box development.


Ultimate power LED driver--Outdoor application LED driver, power ranges from 40W to 600W,is the TOP3 producer who can achieve 600W technology on the LED driver and make it for production.

Technology Trends

Miniaturization and integration are particularly demanding in process control. For technical parameters, the efficiency of heat dissipation is highly demanded. It is a great test for our technology.

Digital, intelligent, software development capabilities, forward-looking, platform compatibility is very good.


High-frequency and high efficiency provide the possibility of miniaturization of power supply. Miniaturization of driving power will promote further development of LED lamps.



Digitization of control circuit, digitization of drive circuit, digitization of protection circuit, fully digital control is a new trend of development.


Integration of electric power semiconductor devices, power and control circuits, passive components (including magnetic integration technology) will drive the development of power integration.


Microprocessor applications of control technology reached a higher level of intelligence, and further improve the adaptability and reliability of Power supply.